We craft innovative beers expressing an extensive range of flavors that are delicate, funky or bold, inspired by ancient and modern styles.  Below is a small sampling of the beers we produce.


Sweet Jane
low on bitterness, high on flavor. fruity hop finish
5.2% abv 27 IBU

Alt Bier
Autumnal ale with flavors of grain and caramel. Light body, loads of flavor.
5.5%abv 35 IBU

malt flavors of caramel & bread crust. named for the infamous iron fist
5.8%abv 26 IBU

Crowd Control
Pale Ale
intense aromas of pine & pineapple. flavors of spruce & mango
5.5%abv 35 IBU

Cosmic Glow
massive notes of lychee
citrus & tropical fruits
6.3%abv 66 IBU

Midnight Rider
dry & slightly roasty
notes of coffee from the malt
6.1%abv 38 IBU

Dutch Funk
dutch inspired recipe heavy on oats fermented w/ brettanomyces & peaches
7.5%abv 20 IBU

Restricted Access III
Barrel Aged Sour
sour beer w/ plums in Napa Valley toasted oak Chardonnay barrels. complex, dry finish
8.5%abv 1 IBU

Deadly Medley
Double IPA
releases Black Friday
super dank & juicy character
citra, galaxy &
super rare wai-iti hops
9.5%abv 96 IBU

Maple Blackout
Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
imperial stout aged 8 or more months in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels
11.5%abv 40 IBU



Coffee Stout
A delightfully roasty stout infused with Brazilian Bob-O-Link coffee, roasted by Boulder's own Bona Coffee Roasters whose proprietors hail from Brazil. The Bobolink is a ground-nesting bird that breeds in the summer in North America, including right here in Boulder, and migrates long distances to winter in southern South America, before returning to continue the pattern. Equidistant between the Brewery and Bona Coffee Roasters is the Bobolink Trailhead, where if you’re lucky you can find the birds, and perhaps even spy some nice folks who are passionate for producing good beer and coffee!
7.5%abv 48 IBU

Spicy Swede
Gingersnap Stout
releases Sat 2/9
Our Export Stout brewed in the tradition of our favorite Swedish gingersnap cookies - "Pepparkakor" -baked according to the original recipe from 1952 with intense spice. Our ode to the beloved gingersnap of Sweden is fermented to perfection on heaps of ginger, and kissed with cinnamon & vanilla bean. One sip will transport you straight to a cozy Nordic cabin nestled among the pines in the wilds of Scandinavia.
8%abv 50 IBU

Dark Forest
Black Forest Cake Inspired Stout
releases Sun 2/10
This robust ale flaunts the decadent flavors of cherries, dark chocolate and vanilla bean found in Black Forest cake. The famous German dessert is named for Schwarzwälder Kirsch ("cherry water"), a dry, clear double distillation of cherries grown in the Black Forest region that tastes intensely of almond and cherry. We brewed our stout with roasted chocolate malt and conditioned it atop heaps of cherries, almonds and vanilla beans for a delightful stout that will transport you to the magical Bavarian forests of Grimms' Fairy tale legend.
6.8%abv 36 IBU

Nitro Most Stuffed
Oreo Cookie Stout
releases Wed. 2/13
Simply because we can... We conditioned our luscious stout over 300 Oreo cookies per barrel for many moons until it attained the flavor of pure liquefied cookie magic. For a heightened experience we serve this beer on nitro for a velvety smooth sensory experience.
8.5%abv 20 IBU

Triple Trouble
Chili Pepper Stout
releases Fri. 2/15
Our rich stout presents bold notes of chocolate, espresso and toasted bread from an assortment of roasted specialty malts. We paired it with the holy trinity of mole chili peppers: mulato, ancho and pasilla negro. These aromatic, smoky and spicy chilies lend an earthiness and complex fruity heat to this rich stout that will take your mouth on a flavor journey to the streets of Mexico City.
7.9%abv 43 IBU

Chiaro di Luna
Sour Stout
releases Sat. 2/16
On rare occasions, one of our sour barrels jumps out as a truly exceptional barrel. One that is too precious in flavor to consider blending with anything else. A beer so perfect, from a barrel so magical, it must be appreciated in its solitary perfection. Each of our single barrel releases is named in honor of the most legendary free solo climbs on the planet. Our first in the collection, this stout was laid to rest during stout month 2018 in an oak barrel with a blend of three brettanomyces yeast strains and lactobacillus bacteria. The result is an amazingly complex, sour beer with bold stone fruit and cherry esters, all developed by the yeast. One sip of this complex delight will transport you to the breathtaking spires of the Fitz Roy massif in Patagonia. When three Italian alpinists made the first ascent of Chiaro di Luna in 1987, they named the route after their moonlit descent. In 2015, Brette Harrington, 23, of Lake Tahoe, completed the first free-solo ascent of the 2,500-foot Chiaro di Luna, becoming the first woman to free-solo a tower in the giant arena of elusive granite spires.
8.7%abv 41 IBU

Do it like Draper
Barrel Aged Cocktail Inspired Stout
releases Sun. 2/17
Congratulations to veteran bartender Ariel who won our co-worker creation contest for her recipe inspired by the fiery good-looks of everyone's favorite Mad Men leading man. We barrel aged this luscious stout in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels, then gave it our unique spin on the Old Fashioned, conditioning it on massive quantities of flame-torched oranges, fresh ginger and cinnamon sticks for a truly memorable cocktail-inspired masterpiece.
9%abv 40 IBU

Kannagi's Revenge
Coconut, Ginger & Spices
releases Thur. 2/21
Over 4 million women gather in an Indian city along the Arabian Sea one day each year to prepare their own version of a dish: Pongala. Each woman sets a clay pot atop a small open fire and prepares her version of a porridge with coconut tree bark, banana leaves, rice, spices and lumps of jaggery as an offering to Goddess Kannagi. As an homage to Pongala, our stout is conditioned atop fresh coconut, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom. The pungent aromas in this beer will transport you to a colorful Indian city and the largest gathering of women on the planet. Honoring a Goddess of great power and grace, who wields her might over legions of devotees.
8%abv 50 IBU

Nitro Sammich
releases Fri. 2/22
Because we are just kids at heart, we brewed up this stout with a selection of very dark malts to evoke memories of bread crusts, and conditioned it atop absolutely ludicrous amounts of strawberries, and pulverized peanuts. When the rest of the world is chaos, we can always rely on the comfort of a good ol' PB&J sammich.
6.8%abv 36 IBU

Cleo's Reserve
Imperial Rum Barrel Tropical Stout
releases Sat. 2/23
Complex and delicate tropical fruits swim in a thick, black ocean of intensely rich stout with a notable undercurrent of boozy rum. We are proud to present our second annual release of our luscious imperial stout aged atop an abundance of mango, papaya, guava and coconut in Bahamian rum barrels. Named for one of the most formidable rum-runners during Prohibition, pistol-packing Gertrude Lythgoe was nicknamed "Cleo" after Queen Cleopatra for her striking exotic beauty. The daring "Bahama Queen" had dark, captivating eyes as steady as her brain, and a history that was nobody's business. She seduced hearts with her smile, and was notorious for the breathtaking fury she would bestow upon those who crossed her. Our powerful and alluring beer will transport you to a fascinating world of danger and intrigue on the open seas, where a legendary fierce beauty once reigned as Queen.
10.8%abv 36 IBU

La Veau
Barrel Aged Stout w/ Berries
releases Sat. 2/23
We are humbled to bestow upon your lips the most complex beer that we produce. Each year, we taste through dozens of oak barrels brimming with rich stouts, and complex sour beers that have been nestled away for a good long while. We are in search of the perfect flavor potion to blend and age in oak barrels atop piles of fresh raspberries. This twice-fermented libation is smooth and velvety with notes of rich chocolate, vanilla laden bourbon, sweet fruit and playful acidity, creating an enchanting elixir that conjurers the glorious memory of the fiery Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Rich and poor sought the aid of Marie Laveau's dark powers to manipulate lovers, cure the ill, gain power, fame and fortune. Much like our compelling concoction, her name and her history have been surrounded by legend and lore and are celebrated each year at Mardi Gras.
10%abv 20 IBU

Imperial Barrel Aged Tiramisu Stout
releases Sat. 2/23
Our ode to the light and rich alcohol-laced and caffeine-spiked dessert invented in Treviso, Italy. Representing the canals that lace the city, ladyfingers are soaked in liquor-spiked espresso and draped with mascarpone-zabaglione cream, and topped with Dutch process cocoa power. We brewed up a substantial imperial stout and aged it in oak barrels with chunks of barrel staves soaked in Amaretto, Lavazza espresso beans and cocoa nibs. One sip and you will feel the wind blowing through your hair as you glide through Venetian Lagoon on your gondola, past centuries-old buildings on your way to not a care in the world.
11.6%abv 20 IBU



Not on right now, but just some of our other beers...

Light a candle, curse the glare, soak in the truly unique flavor of our refreshing blonde ale. Touch of Grey is loaded with juicy flavors of passion fruit, peach, berry and melon. These notes are brilliantly complimented by the aroma of bergamot from a light infusion of Earl Grey tea.

5.5 ABV  |  27 IBU
Malts: Pale, Honey, Biscuit
Hops: Centennial, Belma, Galaxy

This Export style stout expresses striking notes of coffee, chocolate and rummy fruit. A big bad smooth operator much like its namesake.

8.3% ABV  |  40 IBU
Malts: Crystal Malt, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt, Flaked Barley, Pale Malt
Hops: Fuggles, Apollo
Special Ingredients: Brown Sugar

This Australian Sparkling style ale is one of less than five commercial examples of the style in the world! It is refreshingly effervescent with notes of citrus and fresh fruits.  It finishes nice and crisp.

5.5% ABV  |  37 IBU
Malts: Caramel Malt, Cara-Pils, Pilsen Malt, Golden Promise
Hops: Saaz, Galaxy, Brewer's Gold

This Scottish ale is dark burgundy in color and packs a rich, full bodied malt flavor. It is a fitting tribute to a Scottish legend

5.4% ABV  |  24 IBU
Malts: Crystal Malt, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt, Extra Special, Munich, Pale
Hops: Fuggles

We have combined the finest ingredients to create this sweet and luscious full bodied stout.  Whispers of cinnamon, vanilla and molasses compliment a big, roasty malt flavor with a creamy mouth feel and wonderfully dry finish.

7.1 ABV  |  36 IBU
Malts: Pale, Caramel, Wheat, Oats
Hops: Warrior, Fuggles
Special Ingredients: Colorado Apples, Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, Nutmeg

Our take on a medieval Roggenbier (German for ‘rye beer’), Cherrish is aromatic and tart from an insanely generous addition of organic cherries. Boasting a hazy crimson color, and brewed traditionally with loads of spicy malted rye this brew finishes crisp and dry.


7.52 ABV  |  14.6 IBU
Malts: Rye, Pilsner, Vienna, Caravienne, Chocolate
Hops: Hallertauer
Special Ingredients: Organic Cherries

Our signature Pale Ale boasts a flowery hop character with hints of citrus and pine and a crisp finish.  Dry hopped with fresh organic Rosemary, this brew evokes memories of merriment. 


6.1 ABV  |  58 IBU
Malts: Pale, Victory, Wheat, Crystal, Munich, Biscuit
Hops: Columbus, Apollo, Amarillo, Brewer's Gold
Special Ingredients: Organic Rosemary

This is our interpretation of Gose (pronounced “Gose-uh”), an ancient unfiltered wheat beer from Germany. With a cloudy yellow color and refreshing lemony twang, Salt Lick is brewed traditionally with coriander seeds, and has a pleasant sharpness from the addition of Murray river salt from the Australian Alps. The finish is dry, tangy, and effervescent.


5.0 ABV  |  15 IBU
Malts: Wheat, Two-Row
Hops: Tettnang
Special Ingredients: River Salt, Coriander


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