We craft innovative beers expressing an extensive range of flavors that are delicate, funky or bold, inspired by ancient and modern styles.  Below is a small sampling of the beers we produce.



Long Haul
LIght and refreshing blonde ale.
4.8% abv 27 IBU

Australian Sparkling Ale.
The only commercial example of the style brewed in the United States.
5%abv 44 IBU

Bohemian Saazity
Crisp & clean Kolsch w/ Saaz hops
5.2%abv 32 IBU

Saison with proprietary yeast strain
6.8%abv 42 IBU

Intergalactic Millennium Falconer
NEIPA, huge grapefruit & earthy aromas.
Galaxy, Millennium & Falconer’s Flight hops.
6%abv 45 IBU

German Alt beer. Gunbarrel’s Autumn Ale.
5.5%abv 35 IBU

American IPA Jacopo would be proud of
6%abv 60 IBU

Holee Cow
Milkshake IPA w/ lactose
Low on bitterness and high on fruity & citrusy flavor. This IPA will blow your socks off!
7.5%abv 84 IBU

Brown Bess
Easy drinkin’ with a touch of chocolate from the malt. Off-dry finish
4.2%abv 18 IBU gr

Indecent Proposal
Bier de Garde fermented in coveted pinot noir barrels from the napa valley.
7%abv 22 IBU

Bad Wolf
Milkshake IPA w/ lactose
Delightfully bitter IPA
7.1%abv 84 IBU

Reply All
Fruity & Citrusy experimental hop IPA
7.8%abv 75 IBU

Milo of Croton
Export stout.
A big bad smooth operator!
8%abv 41 IBU

Thirty Three
Belgian tripel fermented with sch trois yeast
and Concord Grapes
8.3%abv 33 IBU

thursday February 1st
Milo of Croton Randalled
w/ cinnamon, chilies & cacao nib
8%abv 41 IBU

Friday February 2nd
Lock Stock & Barrel
milo of croton aged 6 months in Geek Spirits single malt whiskey barrels
9.5%abv 41 IBU

saturday February 3rd
Fresh Baked
apple pie milk stout w/
cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla bean
7.7%abv 42 IBU

thursday February 8th
Milo of Croton Randalled
w/ almonds cherries, Vanilla bean & cocoa nib
8%abv 41 IBU

friday February 9th
Coffin Dodger
imperial stout fermented & aged in woodford reserve bourbon barrels
12%abv 40 IBU

saturday February 10th
Explore S’more
brewed w/ some barley lightly smoked with applewood... fermented in
whiskey barrels with Meadowfoam honey, cinnamon stick, cacao nibs
& Madagascar vanilla bean
9.6%abv 30 IBU

Dirty Habit
Double IPA
Powerful citrus and melon aromas. Delightful bitter finish.
8.9%abv 105 IBU

Friend of the Devil
belgian quadrupel
10.5%abv 23 IBU

imperial blonde milk stout
fermented & aged in whiskey barrels
with cacao nibs & coffee beans. The Dude Abides.
10.5%abv 22 IBU


thursday February 15th
Milo of Croton Randalled
w/ coffee & toasted chicory & vanilla bean
8%abv 41 IBU


friday February 16th
Cleo's Reserve
export stout aged in rum barrels w/ guava, toasted coconut, mango & papaya
10.6%abv 60 IBU


saturday February 17th
La Veau
dark sour stout with raspberries
9.3%abv 27 IBU


thursday February 22nd
Milo of Croton Randalled
w/ peanuts & cacao nib
8%abv 41 IBU


friday February 23rd
FuCK the itinerary aka F.T.I.
aged in whiskey barrels with rasins
& garam masala spices
8.6%abv 41 IBU


saturday February 24th
Petronus Biere
stout blended with red sour
secondary fermentation in oak barrels with blackberries
8%abv 8 IBU



Just some of our other beers...

Light a candle, curse the glare, soak in the truly unique flavor of our refreshing blonde ale. Touch of Grey is loaded with juicy flavors of passion fruit, peach, berry and melon. These notes are brilliantly complimented by the aroma of bergamot from a light infusion of Earl Grey tea.

5.5 ABV  |  27 IBU
Malts: Pale, Honey, Biscuit
Hops: Centennial, Belma, Galaxy

This Export style stout expresses striking notes of coffee, chocolate and rummy fruit. A big bad smooth operator much like its namesake.

8.3% ABV  |  40 IBU
Malts: Crystal Malt, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt, Flaked Barley, Pale Malt
Hops: Fuggles, Apollo
Special Ingredients: Brown Sugar

This Australian Sparkling style ale is one of less than five commercial examples of the style in the world! It is refreshingly effervescent with notes of citrus and fresh fruits.  It finishes nice and crisp.

5.5% ABV  |  37 IBU
Malts: Caramel Malt, Cara-Pils, Pilsen Malt, Golden Promise
Hops: Saaz, Galaxy, Brewer's Gold

This Scottish ale is dark burgundy in color and packs a rich, full bodied malt flavor. It is a fitting tribute to a Scottish legend

5.4% ABV  |  24 IBU
Malts: Crystal Malt, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt, Extra Special, Munich, Pale
Hops: Fuggles

We have combined the finest ingredients to create this sweet and luscious full bodied stout.  Whispers of cinnamon, vanilla and molasses compliment a big, roasty malt flavor with a creamy mouth feel and wonderfully dry finish.

7.1 ABV  |  36 IBU
Malts: Pale, Caramel, Wheat, Oats
Hops: Warrior, Fuggles
Special Ingredients: Colorado Apples, Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, Nutmeg

Our take on a medieval Roggenbier (German for ‘rye beer’), Cherrish is aromatic and tart from an insanely generous addition of organic cherries. Boasting a hazy crimson color, and brewed traditionally with loads of spicy malted rye this brew finishes crisp and dry.


7.52 ABV  |  14.6 IBU
Malts: Rye, Pilsner, Vienna, Caravienne, Chocolate
Hops: Hallertauer
Special Ingredients: Organic Cherries

Our signature Pale Ale boasts a flowery hop character with hints of citrus and pine and a crisp finish.  Dry hopped with fresh organic Rosemary, this brew evokes memories of merriment. 


6.1 ABV  |  58 IBU
Malts: Pale, Victory, Wheat, Crystal, Munich, Biscuit
Hops: Columbus, Apollo, Amarillo, Brewer's Gold
Special Ingredients: Organic Rosemary

This is our interpretation of Gose (pronounced “Gose-uh”), an ancient unfiltered wheat beer from Germany. With a cloudy yellow color and refreshing lemony twang, Salt Lick is brewed traditionally with coriander seeds, and has a pleasant sharpness from the addition of Murray river salt from the Australian Alps. The finish is dry, tangy, and effervescent.


5.0 ABV  |  15 IBU
Malts: Wheat, Two-Row
Hops: Tettnang
Special Ingredients: River Salt, Coriander


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