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Left Hand Valley Courier - Gunbarrel Brewing Company to open soon

By: Jesse Murphy

Gunbarrel Brewing Company will soon be opening a 20,000 square foot location at 7088 Winchester Circle.

Husband and wife owners Jamie and Marie Fox have had this plan in place for years, and it will will finally be coming to fruition.

"We have been planning and working on opening a brewery here in Gunbarrel for the last three years," Marie said. "We've always wanted to open a brewery, and we thought 'why not do it now?' Instead of waiting for retirement or something."

Jamie, who has a background in neuroscience, and Marie, who worked previously in marketing-related fields, have been home brewing beers for around 17 years.

"We don't specialize in any one type of beer," Marie said. "We make the things that we like to drink, that varies based on the weather and our mood, as it does with many people. So we will keep a varied tap list."

They also have a good working dynamic.

"Jamie manages all of the brewing operations and planning," Marie said. "I have a marketing and hospitality background, so I do everything for the tap room and all of that. It's kind of like yin and yang."

Being many years in the works, it was more of a case of finding the perfect location.

"We knew for sure we wanted it to be in Gunbarrel because we live here," Marie said. "We wanted to bring more of a place to go out to in town. It was to create something where there are games, live music, nice outdoor space — a fun place to go and chill out after work or on the weekends."

"It took us awhile to find a place to do this. So we had to be patient. But we have found a great building. We have 20,000 square feet. About 3,200 of that will be for the tap room, and then we'll also have a very large outdoor space."

That outdoor space will also be filled with games, and the location has plenty of parking.

They have a wide variety of beers that will come out of their 10-barrel brewhouse. Some of the more popular brews include Dirty Habit, a double IPA, Philosopher's Daughter, a dark beer with tones of cherries, and other rare brews from around the world.

The brewery currently has an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to finish off what needs to be done.

But donors won't just give, they will get something in return.

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Building permits are IN!!
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Entrance located on West side of property. Enter via second left on Winchester Circle. Drive around the building for parking. Main entrance on the north/east side of the building. Google Maps provides inaccurate parking directions. GBC GoogleMap